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Alexan 880 construction transforming block north of Tech Square

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The Midtown project, which started construction a year ago, will be finished in 2019

Seven stories of a concrete structure, seen from above.
Construction of Alexan 880.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

In just a few months, construction has come a long way on West Peachtree Street between 7th and 8th streets, as crews make quick work of Alexan 880.

Development has progressed to the top of the tower’s seven-story parking deck; the main structure will eventually rise 22 stories above the neighborhood.

Slated to bring some 355 apartments, averaging more that 900 square feet apiece, Alexan 880 replaced a small office building and parking lot that had occupied the site for many years.

Plans call for construction to last for another 13 months, though residents will be welcomed in by next January.


Designed by Rule Joy Trammel + Rubio, the building will feature 10,000 square feet of retail space at the ground floor, as well as all of the amenities high-rent paying Atlantans have come to expect.

The building fronts West Peachtree between the intersection of 7th and 8th street, wrapping the corner facing The Plaza condos. To the west, the exposed parking deck butts up against the Cheetah.

While that façade is less than ideal, it’s very likely the adjacent land will be developed in favor of density in the long run—as Cheetah employees acknowledged in a Curbed National story in 2016—masking the parking deck within the block.

For now, the building joins a host of other new construction in the area, including the recently opened NCR Headquarters, Modera Midtown, and Coda.