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Dated Midtown offices on Peachtree to get major overhaul

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Three buildings at Peachtree and 17th streets will be combined to create a modern complex with streetfront retail

A large office building with a brown facade and multiple windows. There are people walking in front of the building.
A rendering of the project from Peachtree and 17th streets.
Parkside Partners

Three dated office buildings along Peachtree Street in northern Midtown, long begging for new life, will soon be transformed beyond recognition.

Parkside Partners has unveiled plans to revamp the structures north of 17th Street, combining 1389, 1401, and 1409 Peachtree into a single office structure with street level retail. The project would also create a 300-foot-long linear park paralleling Atlanta’s main street.

Billed as “Boundary,” the building will total more than 150,000 square feet of space. The developer sees the facility as a great option for those seeking “creative office” space and a presence on Peachtree Street. Renderings indicate the project is being designed by ASD|SKY, who recently completed the overhaul of another dated office block down the street.

Parkside Partners

In addition to offices, the building will likely boast some combination of an urban market, food hall, and coffee shop.

Currently, the array of buildings house the Atlanta offices of Berkshire Hathaway, professional offices, and two quick-service restaurants.

Previously, a developer had proposed a towering 46-story project on the site.

Parkside Partners

In April 2016, renderings were released for a two-tower, mixed-use development on the cusp of Ansley Park. Designed by locally based architecture firm Stevens & Wilkinson, the complex was intended to encompass more than 660,000 square feet of space.

The tower, justified to the streetcorner of the site, was designed to contain residences and a hotel, while to the north, a stepped 11-story building with green terraces facing Ansley Park was to hold offices and retail.

However, financial troubles (and likely neighborhood opposition from Ansley Park) killed the proposal.

A tall glass tower with a stepped 11-story building with green roof terraces.
The earlier proposed tower development.
Stevens & Wilkinson

There’s no official timeline for work to begin on the new project.