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Photographic homage to Atlanta’s Cabbagetown, a street mural paradise

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Behold a sampling of the eastside neighborhood’s most vibrant walls, in 15 photos

Where the vibrant walls of Carroll and Wylie streets meet in Cabbagetown.
Where the vibrant walls of Carroll and Wylie streets meet in Cabbagetown.
Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

To find Atlanta’s most engrossing gallery of street murals, look no further than Cabbagetown.

A former blue-collar mill town, the eastside neighborhood for decades has been a destination for artists, who once could roundly afford its colorful array of shotguns and other modest housing.

In recent years, Cabbagetown has emerged as a literal palette for artistic talent, with works found from Memorial Drive to Carroll Street and especially on the vast walls of Wylie Street.

Last summer, as part of this Visual Journeys series, we toured the Wylie Street section of vibrant graffiti and murals that now serves as a backdrop for the newest Beltline Eastside Trail leg.

Today, we head west from there, beginning at Atlanta’s graffiti mecca, the Krog Street Tunnel.

Saddle up as we head down Wylie Street from the Krog Street Tunnel Pocket Park in Cabbagetown, catching some of the most eye-popping murals en route to the bars and cafes of Carroll Street.
Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta
This mural has been up for a few years in memory of Laura Calle. The programming director for Living Walls and a general arts advocate and community activist, Calle died in 2015 of kidney disease at age 26.
Prolific Atlanta muralist Rising Red Lotus enlivened Wylie Street with this Japanese inspired comic strip.
Eclectic work by multiple artists shares space on this corner.
Erin Bassett’s mural gives way to Greg Mike’s take on Where the Wild Things Are.
More from Mike, interspersed with pesky branch shadows.
Tree shadows play perfectly against William Mize’s house mural, which has stood along Wylie for several years.
Work by Joe Dreher, aka JOEKINGATL. He’s known to express his art through photography, wheat paste, street murals, paintings, sculptures, poetry, and even architecture.
Los Angeles-based street artist Sever (left) and Lauren Pallotta are the minds behind these two very different murals.
Three murals back to back by 1YoungMickey, William Bruce Mitchell, and Fabian.
Local artists Jonny Warren, Sanithna, and Tanner Wilson collaborated with Forward Warrior organizer Peter Ferrari to create the 20-foot by 60-foot section of the wall shown here.
Another big (and subversively thought-provoking) mural along Wylie by Jert and Big Teeff.
Sam Parker is the artist behind this piece, dedicated to three residents who have since passed away.
The last of the large murals on Wylie is a piece by Nick Turbo and Lilla Webb.
Murals by Brooke Powell and others line the backside wall of Fulton Cotton Mill Lofts in Cabbagetown, concluding our tour for today at Carroll Street.