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Custom Kirkwood modern by local artist seeks $650K

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Designed by artist Joseph Guay, this concrete dwelling is long on minimalism, short on color

Two-story concrete house with long driveway.
The modern look is cemented in Kirkwood.
Dorsey Alston Realtors

Finished in 2016, this Kirkwood concrete modern epitomizes minimalism inside and out, almost brutally so.

Designed and owned by Joseph Guay, the artist known for West Midtown’s recent “The Border Wall” and other provocative pieces, the 1,950-square-foot structure overflows with natural light thanks to two-story, floor-to-ceiling windows at the front of the house.

Other windows are strategically placed in the bedrooms to ensure they, too, receive their fair share of sunlight.

The black-and-white palette throughout the three-bedroom, three-bath home provides quite the backdrop for adding pops of color, whether through furnishings or artwork.

Speaking of artwork, any guesses on what purpose the “art gallery” could serve otherwise? Based on the flooring, it appears it could be a dining room, but it’s not entirely clear.

Upstairs, potential homebuyers could find carpeting in the bedrooms and halls a complete turnoff, though it does soften the overall effect. Another drawback could be the master bathroom, which sports a single vanity.

The home is located a couple of blocks from the Kirkwood Village and down the street from the forthcoming Madison Yards, as the listing emphasizes, which one would think is a selling point.

However, even though the house isn’t close to the road, overlooking busy Memorial Drive may create second thoughts, even with a (relatively) reasonable asking price of $650,000.