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At Midtown’s northern edge, peach-topped building slated for overhaul

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Abandoned for more than a decade, the prominent eyesore could soon become residences

One of Atlanta’s most visible eyesores could see investment at last.

The building at 1655 Peachtree Street—seen by thousands of Interstate 85 commuters daily as they pass into Midtown—is most recognizable for its towering billboard and rooftop peach. It’s been abandoned since a pre-recession condo conversion went bust.

Finally, a new developer is proposing to restart the project.

According to a presentation made to the Midtown Development Review Committee this week, plans call for the 12-story 1960s building to be overhauled by local architecture firm Smith Dalia.

The pre-recession conversion had created 75 residential units out of the nine floors of office space, but the new project will reconfigure each floor to boost the number of units to 107.

Outside, the building will receive a fresh coat of paint, a new amenity deck atop the three-story parking base, and “front yard” upgrades along Peachtree Street to include a plaza, facade improvements, and screening for the parking deck, according to plans.

And get this: The existing deck holds only 90 cars, and there aren’t plans to expand it, meaning the building would offer less than one space per unit—a concept not often seen in Midtown.

Fittingly, the project is being referred to as “The Peach.”

No timeline has emerged as of yet.