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Splashy Midtown condo is where ‘Miami meets Atlanta’ for $689K

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Upgraded two-bedroom at 1010 Midtown building called the pinnacle of city living

Photo of a Midtown Atlanta condo for sale right now.
Where an invisible chair is perfectly logical.
Above Atlanta Realtors

Flashy, splashy, jazzy, sleek, vibrant, urban Floridian, mildly uncomfortable—it all applies to this spruced-up dwelling at Peachtree Street’s 1010 Midtown tower.

Favoring form over function in some instances, this two-bedroom flat described as “Miami meets Atlanta” burst on the market this week at $689,000, flaunting no shortage of massive windows that really let the city in.

Clearly, the unfussy walls and blonde flooring can act as showcases for colorful artwork and gallery-level (if not exactly cozy) furniture around these 1,505 square feet.

Collectively, the experience is described as “city living at its finest,” and certainly the location allows for almost unlimited walkability.

The distinctive, curvy building turns a decade old this year, and even a quick glance confirms that much of this pad has been upgraded since 2008. (Although the price difference since it last traded for $465,000 in post-recession 2013, per property records, isn’t abnormal).

Beyond fresh paint throughout, upgrades have included the waterfall kitchen island, custom designer lighting, and crucial solar shades for those big walls of glass. Also new: the appliances and cabinetry.

The two included parking spaces are choice, we’re told, because they’re located near the building entrance. It’s a perk—along with the building’s still-looking-good amenities—that might help with handling the not-small monthly HOA commitment of $588.

Broadly speaking, it’s priced about $50,000 more than slightly smaller units in the building (and beyond) without the pricey updates.