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U-shaped and ‘French-inspired’ Tuxedo Park ranch desires $1.3 million

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This lavish Buckhead residence places heavy emphasis on outdoor entertaining with an interior focus on art

Twin palm trees in front of ivory-colored ranch house.
A tropical touch in Tuxedo Park.
Keller Williams Midtown

Built in 1964, this “French-inspired” brick and stucco U-shaped ranch in Tuxedo Park greets visitors with an unusual pairing for Atlanta: twin palm trees flanking the front walkway.

Another palm stands tall by the backyard terrace and swimming pool, which serve as the focal point for the rooms surrounding the space.

All rooms overlooking the terrace and pool feature double French doors that open up to the great outdoors. Indeed, a great amenity to have for entertaining during Atlanta’s warm weather months.

Inside the 4,511-square-foot house, each room also includes quite an interesting art collection. In fact, according to the listing, the grand foyer comes with its own art gallery.

However, the “oversized” bedrooms seem to be lacking a love of art…or at least they were stripped before the staging photos were taken.

And if four bedrooms and four bathrooms aren’t enough space for potential buyers, there’s an extra bedroom and bathroom plus a living room in the carriage house.

The asking price of $1.3 million is quite reasonable for Tuxedo Park, making the monthly HOA fees of $79 per month seem like pocket change.

If you have deep pockets, that is.