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City of Atlanta aims for bike lanes to be more interconnected, multimodal

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As options for bicyclists have increased in the past few years, a new push aims to create a connected network

Bike share bikes in downtown Atlanta during a launch last summer.
Relay bikes at their Woodruff Park debut.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Atlanta has seen a dramatic increase in bicycle infrastructure in recent years, with the opening of dedicated cycle tracks and the expansion of the Relay bike-share across much of intown Atlanta.

But despite the improvements—which have earned Atlanta the distinction of being “somewhat bikeable”—officials acknowledge that there’s still a lot of work to be done.

And now, according to a WABE report, the city is doubling down on efforts to become a friendlier place for those who travel on two wheels.

With well over 100 miles of bike lanes in the city (10 of which were added within the past year), the city is beginning to turn its attention to better uniting existing lanes.

The City of Atlanta’s Chief Bicycle Officer, Becky Katz, emphasizes the importance of focusing on how to interconnect existing bike infrastructure as more projects are built out.

Along with tying bike lanes together with new segments, the city plans to emphasize the integration of bike infrastructure with MARTA stations and stops to allow cycling and public transportation to work in tandem.

As part of the transportation SPLOST funding approved last year, expect to see recommendations from Atlanta’s first-ever bicycle report implemented in the next few years.