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Mystical world slated to take over the Atlanta Botanical Garden this summer

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Imaginary Worlds, which first debuted in 2013, will transform the gardens in Piedmont Park

This summer, the Atlanta Botanical Garden will be transformed into a mythical land thanks to the return of Imaginary Worlds.

According to the Garden, the exhibition—which first visited back in 2013—is returning thanks in part to popular demand. And this incarnation promises to be bigger than before.

Imaginary Worlds will feature storybook-themed sculptures made of plants, arranged in 14 different installations. Features will range from a giant, soaring Phoenix to a mermaid alongside one of the Garden’s fountains.

The installations, some that will rise to 25 feet, will contain more than 200,000 individual plants. Set against the backdrop of the city skyline, the exhibit should be nothing short of incredible.

Expect the exhibition to open in time for the end of the school year in early May, and run through the end of October.

Meanwhile, plans are in the works for an expansion of the Garden as part of a major investment in Piedmont Park.

Piedmont Park

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Atlanta Botanical Garden

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Piedmont Park

400 Park Drive Northeast, , GA 30306 Visit Website