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For $1.2M, A-frame 1980s contemporary in Buckhead is unlike anything else

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Updated property clinging to a wooded hillside is a celebration of complex geometry

A photo of the unique angles of the creek-facing side.
The unique angles of the creek-facing side.
Farish Realty & Associates

A million-dollar, A-frame contemporary tucked in a northwest Atlanta forest might be the very definition of a niche-market house, but this revitalized, eccentric property has aspects that could be called universally appealing.

Built in 1980 off Buckhead’s Mount Paran Road, equidistant to Interstate 75 and Chastain Park, the home is notched on a steep hillside that overlooks woods and a creek. Balconies jut off the backside like utility knife blades, and many windows frame a leafy view that could make city stresses melt away.

Listed last week at $1.2 million, the four-bedroom, three and a half bathroom dwelling is marketed as a “flawless,” “gorgeous,” and thoroughly renovated “gem hiding in Atlanta.”

Exposed beams are an appropriate touch, but the highlight could be the towering, angular living room with its high bank of windows and Malm-y fireplace.

As with virtually all 1980s houses, quirks are to be expected. That applies here beyond the porthole window and random barber’s chair. By today’s standards, the kitchen and at least one bathroom could seem claustrophobic

Records indicate the house sold a year ago for just $673,000. Obviously that’s prior to renovations (one would hope), but it’s also quite a jump, unless this place was previously on the verge of collapse.

A red flag could be that the square footage isn’t specified. Then again, dimensions like these might be impossible to measure.