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Pricey Atlanta zip code cracks 100 wealthiest in the nation

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Study finds that 30327 brims with well-off residents, but homes are comparatively inexpensive versus coastal markets

A photo of the various skylines of Atlanta, with big-money zip code 30327 roughly in the middle distance.
The various skylines of Atlanta, with big-money zip code 30327 roughly in the middle distance, at right.
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Aspiring fat-cats of Atlanta can take pride in knowing the city officially lays claim to one of the most moneyed zip codes in the country.

That’s according to a recent analysis by real estate data provider PropertyShark, which found that Atlanta’s 30327 is home to more top-earning ballers than anywhere in the South outside Miami. (Unless you count six zips in Texas).

Spanning Buckhead west of Ga. Highway 400 up to Sandy Springs, 30327 snuck into PropertyShark’s 100 wealthiest zip codes ranking at No. 92, among a bevy of East Coast and California places. In fact, the East Coast claimed all but 30 of the richest zip code slots.

In 30327, the median owner household income is $190,732, per the analysis.

But with its median home sales price of $726,000, Atlanta’s wealthiest zip code didn’t come close to cracking the same company’s list of the 100 priciest in the nation.

Which means the well-heeled of western Buckhead should be oozing disposable income, right?

Beverly Hills of the South 30327.

Back in 2015, the same wealthy Atlanta zip code was likened to the Beverly Hills of the South when market research and GIS data company Esri found it to be the most expensive in Georgia and the second wealthiest in the South behind Palm Beach’s 33480.

Many of Atlanta’s most expensive properties on the market today call 30327 home, a handful of them asking $10 million or more.

These include the priciest property in the ITP universe right now, a $14.5-million estate (below) with 13,500 square feet and a “jumping room” in the basement.

Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty