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On Auburn Avenue, a seven-unit co-living space is planned

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Awethu House will offer a unique chance to live in a fresh intown residence while fostering community

A sleek, white painted studio space with small kitchenette.
Inside one of the units, featuring studio space with a small kitchenette.
The Guild ATL

Along the Auburn Avenue streetcar line, an old building is getting a new lease on life as a unique co-living space.

Awethu House, named after an anti-apartheid rallying cry that translates to “Power to the People,” will feature seven sleek residential spaces with ensuite bathrooms and kitchenettes. While the units may be small, there is plenty of communal gathering space to foster interaction among residents

Two of the rooms will be dedicated to moderate-income members at a slightly lower cost than market rent, and two will be rented out on Airbnb, leaving three as market rate options.

The units also feature art and historic elements.
The Guild ATL

Rather than being rented, each suite will be made available through membership to The Guild, which will include access to shared desks in a small coworking space on the ground floor of the building run by Remerge.

The popular Atlanta Breakfast Club, which already has a location on Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard behind the aquarium, will open a space on the first floor of the building as well.

Rent for each unit will be $1,200 per month, inclusive of utilities, internet, parking, and the chance to attend events such as lectures, community dinners, and social justice tours at Remerge. The two units designated for those who fall between 60 and 80 percent of the area median income will be $975 per month.

The building will be ready to welcome its first residents in May.