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Remodeled Grant Park bungalow near Memorial Drive summons $659K

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Century-old charms are juxtaposed with today’s convenience off Interstate 20

A photo of a home for sale in Grant Park, Atlanta right now.
What’s marketed as “historical feel with a modern touch.”
Optimus Real Estate Brokers

Just north of Interstate 20, a block from Memorial Drive’s burgeoning commercial lineup, this Grant Park classic is offering beaucoup space for a price closer to a half-million than a million bucks.

Formerly pink, this four-bedroom on the picturesque bungalow haven that is Bryan Street has undergone a remodel that left abundant, original hardwoods from the 1920s and chimneys that now stand exposed.

Records indicate the remodeled bungalow encompasses 3,229 square feet for $659,000, as listed this week. That breaks down to a not-neurotic $204 per square foot.

Like the location, the vintage curb appeal and sweet-tea porch (with swing) are plusses, as is the airy, high-ceiling floorplan and huge loft space on the top level.

Conversely, it’s likely that not every house-scout will be smitten with the kitchen layout, twisty stair railings, untamed backyard (with an interstate noise barrier but no patio), unabashedly modern lighting, driveway onstreet-only parking, and odd placement of some floor vents. In the listing pics, some floors are either missing or raggedly carpeted.

It calls into the question the listing’s claim that this, collectively, is a “perfect blend” of “historical feel with a modern touch.”

Then again, with one lovely/zany exception, it’s the lone Grant Park residence available at this size in this price range.