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Decade-old Edgewood modern extols sleek design, backyard ‘paradise’ for $610K

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Four-bedroom dwelling was an early entrant to eastside Atlanta’s contemporary canon

A photo of a modern house for sale in Edgewood.
Contemporary frontage on Hosea Williams Drive.
Knock Homes

Standing over Hosea Williams Drive in Edgewood for roughly a decade, this four-bedroom contemporary looked way more radical back in the late aughts than now, given the groundswell of similar architecture in eastside neighborhoods.

It’s described as being “impeccably kept,” which doesn’t smack as incorrect, given the shiny hardwoods of coconut palm and a generally clean, loft-like feel.

The careful upkeep appears to extend outside, to the pleasant, functional, and style-appropriate backyard.

The square footage, meanwhile, is listed widely as 1,100, which can’t be correct. That might refer to the former home on this lot, as this dwelling’s born-on date is listed as, uh, 1935.

Visitors are greeted by what looks like commercial windows and doors, which unveil an open-concept, square, somewhat crowded space with an eat-in kitchen and cozy television corner.

Perks include in-wall fireplaces, custom-industrial stairs, the spa-rific master bathroom’s radiant heat flooring, and an unexpectedly massive laundry room.

The stylish back deck leads to what’s described as a “captivating backyard” and “entertainer’s paradise.”

So who’s ready to party for $610,000?