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Refreshed West End bungalow flaunts curb appeal, Beltline proximity at $425K

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A wide porch highlights this old-new fusion described as “West End Perfection!”

A photo of where crosshatch windows seem right at home.
Where crosshatch windows seem right at home.
Keller Williams Buckhead

The listing for this revamped 1920s bungalow in West End is hardly short on superlatives.

Described as a “stunning” example of historic-renovation “perfection” on “West End’s most coveted street,” the four-bedroom, three-bathroom property emerged on the market this past weekend at $425,000.

It stands over Oak Street, a few doors down from West End Park, and the solid 74 WalkScore speaks to the proximity of Kroger, MARTA’s West End Station, and likely the Westside Trail, about three blocks west.

The highlight could be the general curb appeal and wide, inviting porch, with its custom crosshatch windows that boost character. The renovation included a legitimate back deck this time, and inside, the master bathroom’s “extravagant” description might be a stretch, but it’s certainly agreeable with double vanities and stylish, freestanding tub.

Elsewhere, interior spaces tend to get a bit choppy with the remnants of former walls still standing. (An optimist might say this provides enhanced definition.) And unless it’s not pictured in the back, parking appears a street-only situation.

With its ambitious pricing, the property aims to be one of just three single-family homes to sell in West End for more than $400,000 in recent years. The other two properties, it’s worth noting, were well north of 3,000 square feet—or very close to it—whereas this renovation counts 2,181 square feet. (Per records, the house sold a year ago for $105,000.)

Still, that breaks down to $194 per square foot, which for a house this size is a number that’s ancient history in many other parts of town.