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Fresh renderings emerge for Reynoldstown’s latest modern duplexes

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Developer: Quadruple serving of semidetached dwellings on Wilbur Avenue with be topped with fireplaces, half-bathrooms

An R. Town Stacks aerial view from the street.
R. Town Stacks aerial view from the street.
Renderings courtesy of Epic Development

Developers have provided more detailed previews for the latest modern-style residences to break ground on Reynoldtown’s rapidly changing southeastern flank.

Renderings: Epic Development

On Wilbur Avenue, R. Town Stacks—two sets of two semidetached dwellings, separated by a driveway—will offer 2,700 square feet across three levels.

Expect four bedrooms, rooftop terraces with outdoor fireplaces and half-bathrooms, and two-car garages, per Jim LaVallee of Epic Development, the same company behind a Stacks concept under construction in Midtown and another selling between Old Fourth Ward and downtown.

In Reynoldstown, plans indicate each home will have multiple patios and the option to add elevators. Homes have yet to be listed for sale, and prices haven’t been specified.

This section of Reynoldstown, between Moreland Avenue and the Beltline’s new Eastside Trail extension, has seen an influx of investment lately, most notably with the 11-townhome, 14-studio Mattie Branch project under construction by Atlanta’s Abode firm.

The two lots in question, in 2016.
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