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Where Decatur meets Avondale Estates, $689K contemporary billed as ‘work of art’

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Four-bedroom dwelling is the debut project by a husband-wife team

A photo of a modern house for sale in Avondale Estates, Atlanta.
Not your everyday eastside facade.
Keller Knapp Realty; Garey Gomez |

With an atypical layout and no shortage of unique design touches, this four-bedroom contemporary is back on the market where the eastern fringes of Decatur mingle with Avondale Estates.

Find it tucked off College Avenue in DeKalb County (in Avondale Elementary School’s district), with blocks-away walkability to a MARTA station, My Parents’ Basement restaurant, the Waffle House Museum—and a functioning Waffle House.

Per Natalie Martinez of Keller Knapp Realty, the home marks the first project by an architect-led, design-build company (website in the works) headed by a husband-wife team.

Initially listed at $649,000 in September, it was pulled from the market a couple of months later. It’s reappeared in the past few days with a 6 percent price hike—$689,000—in time for the hot spring selling season.

The facts: 2,694 square feet, two and a half bathrooms, driveway parking, and one soaring sitting room downstairs.

Surprises come with vibrant pops of cabinetry color, non-boring tile choices in bathrooms, and a large upstairs loft area open to the ground floor. Two covered outdoor spaces in the back are more inviting, for now, than the blank-slate patio.

Overall, it’s a large place—described as “a work of art”—with interesting facets (the steel-wood stair fusion, a metal barn door upstairs) that set it apart, though a price pushing $700,000 could be a tall order without a lick of covered parking.