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Atlanta’s latest ‘complete streets’ initiative gains steam on Cascade Road

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Final meetings have wrapped for a transformative, two-phase project funded by TSPLOST and Renew Atlanta

A conceptual image of a proposed complete street on Cascade Avenue.
Beware of the Beemers!
All images: Renew Atlanta

Following Atlanta voters’ lopsided support of two transportation funding mechanisms in recent years, initiatives to transform city thoroughfares into complete streets—that is, safer roads more welcoming to walkers, bicyclists, and all other users—have popped up from Buckhead to downtown and Metropolitan Parkway.

Now, a two-phase project that promises to transform Cascade Road/Avenue in southwest Atlanta is showing signs it may be next to launch construction.

Public meetings have wrapped for the Cascade complete streets initiative, which would be funded by the $250 million Renew Atlanta infrastructure bond (approved by 80 percent of voters three years ago) and 2016’s TSPLOST tax (a referendum that passed by 68 percent), among other sources.

An earlier graphic showing the full project’s scope. Some construction expectations appear to have changed.

According to Renew Atlanta, the Cascade project should launch construction in May and continue through early 2020. Expected cost is $18 million.

Alongside new streetscape and pedestrian-safety improvements, work will cover bicycle facilities, road resurfacing, restriping, bus stop enhancements, and upgrades to traffic communications signals.

Another bonus is improved access to the ITP gem that is Cascade Springs Nature Preserve.

The project’s initial phase (see blue above) will consist of two segments, extending from the western city limits of Atlanta to Willis Mill Road, and then from Delowe Drive to Avon Avenue.

Phase two would continue from Avon Avenue to Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard.

In recent communications, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition has pointed to the above crash heat map—particularly the glowing-red intersection of Cascade Avenue and Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard.

“The intersection lacks a turn lane and poses a safety risk to people who bike, walk and drive,” per ABC officials. “Community members have expressed concerns regarding the design of this major intersection that serves multiple streets, the Kroger Citi Center, and the Atlanta Beltline Westside Trail.”

They urge Atlantans to drop Renew Atlanta officials a line about beefing up safety before complete streets work begins.

Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

2852 Cascade Road Southwest, , GA 30311 Visit Website