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Refreshed home by Robert Green, Atlanta’s Frank Lloyd Wright protégé, asks $2.8M

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Updated for discerning buyers of today, this 1980 modern echoes Wright’s organic style, embracing Green’s original vision

A home for sale by Robert Green in Buckhead, Atlanta.
Organic principles meet fresh landscaping.
Keller Williams

When last we saw this custom 1980 work by Robert Green, a Georgia native and one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s last disciples, it was on the market for only the second time, looking strong but with dated facets such as golden faucets, teal shelving, and ceilings of various, shiny finishes.

The ensuing several months have seen a striking transformation that honors the bones of Green’s original vision—and, as usual, the warm, organic, unpretentious principles common with Wright—while infusing sophisticated, modern elements of today.

The cost of calling this gated, two-acre spread home has also more than doubled.

Tucked off Interstate 75 near Vinings, the 4,600-square-foot, four-bedroom home is sited gorgeously on rolling terrain, neighbored by mature trees with several rooms that frame views of the backyard pool.

Inside, the dark stone flooring remains a nice contrast to earthier stone walls and so many planked, peeked ceilings. It’s described as a soulful yet minimal sanctuary that “honors the past, welcomes today’s living, and inspires the future.”

The changes by interior designer and artist Burns Century “continued the dialogue of the organic experience through a complete professional transformation,” notes the listing.

Eight months ago, the property traded for $1.24 million.

It’s back this week, asking a buck shy of $2.8 million.

Georgia has no buildings by Wright, and it’ll surely take a buyer who appreciates the work of Wright’s most prolific local protégé to spring for this thoughtful remodel.