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Dated Sweet Auburn housing tower is undergoing much-needed rehab

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$24 million upgrade is transforming Wheat Street Towers, an option for low-income seniors

Recladding of an old concrete tower with new modern panels.
The project includes a recladding of the 1970s structure.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

At the heart of Sweet Auburn, along the Auburn Avenue streetcar line, a dated 14-story housing tower is in the midst of a major overhaul.

Located across the street from the Historic Ebeneezer Baptist Church sanctuary, Wheat Street Towers is getting a much-needed $24 million upgrade.

The structure is the nation’s first federally funded, church-sponsored affordable senior high-rise, providing 210 units for low-income seniors.

Supported by Invest Atlanta and HUD, the project was first announced last summer. Now, the recladding of the structure is well underway. Plans call for the units to become “state-of-the-art” rentals, providing “postcard picturesque” views of the city.

Work on the tower upgrade, designed by local firm TSW, is expected to finish this fall. The firm is also on board for the second phase of the project: once the tower overhaul is complete, plans call for phase two to include new development, including market rate and affordable offerings, as well as retail spaces.

Wheat Street Towers’s pre-renovation look.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Wheat Street Towers aren’t the only intown affordable housing option for seniors that have benefited from recent investment.

Near Piedmont Park, another concrete housing block is seeing similar upgrades.