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Renovation breathes life into Amberwood midcentury modern, which requests $750K

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Updated contemporary interior emphasizes “modern” in this MCM while retaining a few of its Spanish touches

Large yard in front of white brick ranch house.
Spanish influence gives way to contemporary on an Amberwood hilltop.
Keller Williams Realty

This Spanish-influenced midcentury modern in Amberwood—a hotbed of residential architecture from the era, just south of Spaghetti Junction—first blipped the listings radar in 2016. Back then, it was obvious the property could greatly benefit from updates.

Well, those updates are complete, and the new rendition of this 3,645-square-foot dwelling from 1963 is a welcome improvement on the previous version.

Two changes immediately are apparent, and both go a long way in giving the house a contemporary feel.

The first is the replacement of the Spanish-style floor tile in favor of hardwood floors, and the second is painting the plank ceiling white. (That whooshing sound is MCM purists gasping).

The kitchen was gutted and fitted with streamlined cabinets, appliances, and subway tile, which replaced the previous blue Spanish tile design. The room also was reconfigured so it now opens into the main living space.

The bar also received an update, while the matching arched shelves are gone, giving way to sheet rock. Based on the wiring in the wall, the idea seems to be that a flatscreen TV will now reign in this space.

Even the master bath sports a new look with its “incredible spa bath” that includes a shower seemingly built for entertaining. Good thing the backyard is fenced in, given the picture windows not only in the shower but also overlooking the bathtub.

When the home sold back in 2016, it went for $425,000.

The current asking price of $749,900 obviously is due to the renovations, but given that the property has been back on the market for nearly 80 days, one can’t help but wonder if the renovations are truly worthy of such a price hike.