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Touring Kirkwood’s first major dose of apartments in ages

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Five years in the making, The Kirkwood is eyeing a debut in coming months

How the apartment project relates to existing retail and residential hub Kirkwood Station.
How the apartment project relates to existing retail and residential hub Kirkwood Station.
Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

Pullman Yard isn’t the only significant development project moving forward in Kirkwood these days.

Coming down the home stretch of construction is The Kirkwood, a 233-unit community by Avila Development that’s been described as the historic neighborhood’s only large-scale, market-rate apartment option.

Plans for the project have been brewing for about five years, and construction launched in late 2016.

It’ll be that rare new rental community in Atlanta without a retail component, as it neighbors mixed-use Kirkwood Station and the rest of the neighborhood’s commercial district, which developers have predicted renters will infuse with more life.

Rates have yet to be posted, but since inception, The Kirkwood has been marketed as a cheaper multifamily alternative to competitors in scorching rental markets such as Midtown and Inman Park.

One and two-bedroom options will range from 699 to 1,458 square feet.

Alongside requisite pool cabanas and a towering gym, perks will include AT&T Fiber Internet Service-1 Gig Speed and electric-car charging stations, per the developer.

The project is running behind initial schedules, but officials tell Curbed Atlanta the first residents should be moving in within a few months.

Have a look around:

The Kirkwood project from Bixby Street, the southernmost side.
Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta
This somewhat rustic space will eventually become the leasing offices as well as the community room.
The interior of the largest two-bedroom floorplan available at The Kirkwood. Expect 15 different floorplan options.
This massive area will be the fitness center.
A look at the exterior from the Doyle Street side.
An overhead view of the interior courtyard of The Kirkwood, where the foundation for the community’s rather large pool has been poured. Cabanas are forthcoming, as is an outdoor “social lounge” with flatscreen televisions.
A few of the units have yet to be built out, to allow heavy machinery to access the interior courtyard
Expect a 400-space parking deck.
Construction continues, as seen looking back toward Howard Street from the beginning of the parking deck.
The corner of The Kirkwood on Howard Street.
Brick work finishes a few doors down from Augusta Designs on Howard Street.