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Beltline to engineers: submit your best Northeast Trail designs, pronto

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RFQ signals progress, but don’t expect a finished Beltline link from Piedmont Park to Lindbergh anytime soon

Where the proposed Northeast Trail passes Ansley Golf Club.
A stretch of the future Northeast Trail, passing Ansley Golf Club.
Curbed Atlanta; 2014

The Beltline is moving forward with the design of the Northeast Trail segment, slated to eventually link the present terminus of the Eastside Trail to Lindbergh MARTA station.

The organization has released a request for qualifications for design and engineering of the miles-long project.

Requested services include design of the multi-use path, retaining walls, access points, stormwater infrastructure, signage, lighting (hooray!), and planning for the anticipated light rail right-of-way.

Qualifications are due before the end of the month, with design work anticipated to commence by this summer.

Per plans revealed last month, Beltline officials believe that walking, running, or biking a new paved trail segment from Piedmont Park to the Armour district around SweetWater Brewery, at least, could be possible by 2020.

But don’t expect full construction of the Northeast Trail to begin soon; the entire design itself likely won’t wrap up until early 2021, per the RFQ documents.

The anticipated alignment for the Northeast Trail.
Atlanta Beltline, Inc.

Some of the project’s easiest pickings will run in the Georgia Power utility easement between Westminster Drive and Mayson Street.

According to the RFQ, the northern portion of the trail—stretching from Mayson Street to Lindbergh MARTA Station—”will present the most difficult design challenge” as the trail will have to contend with active rail lines and Interstate 85.

Ultimately, the trail will tie into PATH400—and then all the way up to Sandy Springs.

Path 400

, Atlanta, GA