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After discount, traditional Westview dwelling is still flirting with $400K

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With its stylish interior and ample land, updated four-bedroom aims to set neighborhood sales record

A photo of a traditional-style house for sale in Westview right now.
Lording over Gordon Street since 2008.
Coldwell Banker

A few doors down from scenic Westview Cemetery stands this decade-old dwelling that could be mistaken for being much older, given its American Foursquare-ish stance and simple exterior.

But despite the 2008 vintage, the property is marketed as being “Old meets new!!” which must be a reference to a “pristine” kitchen and bathrooms that appear to have been updated since the late aughts.

As with the property’s five-block proximity to the Beltline’s Westside Trail, the listing doesn’t mention any recent updates, but it did declare, “This home will not last long!” when it listed at $415,000 in mid-February.

This week, it underwent a discount to $399,000.

Despite the price slice, it’s still the latest property aiming to set a new record for Westview sales, following a $385,000 deal inked last summer.

The facts: four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, 2,300 square feet.

Highlights include pretty hardwoods downstairs, the not-cramped master bedroom (with plenty of room for sitting around), and bountiful off-street parking. Buyers who like cushy carpeting underfoot in bedrooms should be happy, too.

While the spacious patio is nice, the backyard screams for a privacy fence—or a few screening Leyland cypresses, something—in the worst way.

But optimists (of which Westview has no shortage) might view that space as a blank slate.