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In Historic West End, 1920s cottage promotes respectful renovation at $389K

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It offers two-block proximity to the Beltline’s Westside Trail, but buyers haven’t bitten thus far

A photo of a restored bungalow for sale in West End, Atlanta.
The blue-door approach on Atwood Street.
My Hometown Realty Group

Positioned two blocks from both the Beltline’s Westside Trail and West End Park, this revived cottage from 1922 takes a passive-aggressive approach in calling out subpar renovations in the area. Or so it appears.

The listing notes that this craftsman-style showplace of “style and comfort” was “completely renovated to the historical standards of West End Historic Preservation,” which isn’t always the case. And the results do charm.

Beneath a ceiling fan, the front porch is welcoming, and the interior unveils high ceilings, lovely hardwoods, and a fresh-faced (nonfunctional) fireplace alongside a clean-lined kitchen.

With four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and 2,384 square feet, the bungalow listed at $389,000 nearly a month ago and hasn’t budged, after having sold for a pre-reno $115,000 last summer.

It’s not the neighborhood’s most expensive listing in recent memory (this smaller bungalow wants $425,000), and larger West End properties have achieved more than $400,000.

Plusses include a large, versatile back deck, off-street parking, a slick master bathroom (see: dual rainfall showerheads), and a cozy finished basement.

The master bedroom’s positioning immediately at left upon entry might rub some shoppers wrong, and not everyone is over-the-moon for cushy carpeting. The kitchen light fixture might lean a little decadent above a two-seater island, but that could be picking nits.

It’ll be interesting to see if charm and integrity ultimately prevail over the few shortcomings—or if price tweaks are in the near future here.

The home’s “before” version, as featured in a 2017 listing.
Perry Hunter Realty