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Just off Cascade Avenue, perky Cape Cod is sitting pretty for $235K

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In a “hot part of town,” this renovation left few spaces untouched

Cape Cod home with green walls and red front door.
Eye-catching colors (and painted brickwork) on Cascade Avenue.
Duffy Realty of Atlanta

Constructed in 1945, this “stunning” renovation off Cascade Avenue in the Cascade Road community now sports a colorful exterior and more modern interior.

With a decent-for-the-price 1,717 square feet, the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home is a mix of clean lines, a soft color palette, and tons of natural light.

As highlighted in both the listing language and photos, the “kitchen fit for a cooking show” seems to be the major beneficiary of the renovation, complete with granite countertops, Shaker-style cabinets, and stainless appliances.

However, that tiled backsplash clashes with rather than complements the black and white countertops, and neither jibes with the brownish floor tile.

The listing also states the home contains “a nod to art deco” and warm colors, but that seems limited to the exterior.

Although there is no garage, off-street parking is available in the unpaved driveway. If needed, additional parking could be had in that expansive backyard thanks to the double gate in the fence.

The asking price of $235,000 does tip the scale for home values in this neighborhood, but it appears to be the new benchmark for renovations in the area.

Despite a few pinch points like the grassy driveway, the property is a relatively affordable entry for those looking to make the move from OTP to ITP—or from, say, O4W APT to SFH.