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With online survey, Atlanta Beltline wants your 2 cents to shape project’s future

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Input from ATL citizenry will help inform transit moves, affordable housing, and more, officials say

A photo of a branch of the Beltline’s Westside Trail, as seen a year ago.
A branch of the Beltline’s Westside Trail, as seen a year ago.
Curbed Atlanta

By now, every Atlantan has 2 cents to offer about the Beltline—if not a buck fifty.

Should building the entire 22-mile trail loop or accessible affordable housing be paramount? Should restaurant growth near the Beltline corridor trump space for local makers? How crucial is transit?

Sounding off on all these questions and more is now possible via a 10-minute online survey put together by Atlanta Beltline Inc. and made available this week. (A test run actually took eight minutes).

The Eastside Trail corridor in 2011.
Curbed Atlanta

The purpose of the study, per Beltline officials, is to make clear where the public stands on virtually all matters related to the ambitious urban-reclamation project.

“Whether you use the Atlanta BeltLine every day or have only heard about it in passing, your voice can have an impact!” they write. “[ABI] will use these results to inform and guide our program elements, community engagement strategies, transit, and affordable housing and business support.”

They’re listening. They promise. All answers remain anonymous.