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Vlogger waxes on why you should—or shouldn’t—move to Atlanta

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“Even though it’s a great city, it might not be for everyone”

“Even though it’s a great city, it might not be for everyone.”

That’s how a video blogger kicks off a segment called “Top 10 reasons not to move to Atlanta.” It’s the first in a new series about the ups and downs of Atlanta, produced by a traveling YouTuber called World According to Briggs.

Of course Atlanta traffic made it onto that list, as did crime, palmetto bugs, and our terribly unpredictable weather. Just because it’s cliche doesn’t mean it’s false.

Take, for instance, Issue No. 9: “Everything’s named after a Peach. If someone gives you directions in Atlanta, and it has the word ‘peach’ in it, make sure they specify which peach,” Briggs said, referring to the more than 70 “Peachtree”-adorned streets, lanes, avenues, boulevards, and drives—and more—peppered around Atlanta.

Graciously, he followed up that post with a gentler video listing the reasons you should move to Atlanta.

Briggs points to our (sometimes inexplicable) sports fanaticism, nature preservation, and, among other features, the infamous Clermont Lounge.

Topping his list of reasons to migrate to the Peach State’s capital: the people. “They don’t mind talking to anyone about anything, whether they know what they’re talking about or not.”

Briggs has also produced a video about the strangest aspects of Atlanta, such as our curious “waffle love”—complete with a Waffle House museum—and our infatuation with the Tiny Door Project.

It is strange, though, that the Clermont made it on the list of appealing features, and not the list of peculiarities.

Clermont Lounge

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