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Renovated Reynoldstown pad leans modern, airy for $600K

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Two blocks from the Beltline, this not-huge dwelling boasts a chef’s kitchen, luxe bathrooms, and a master suite retreat

White farmhouse with covered porch.
An R-town facade that aims for clean, refreshing rustic.
J.Rich Atlanta

In the heart of Reynoldstown, this recent renovation has bid adieu to its 1920-style origins and now features a contemporary interior to rival any new construction.

The three-bedroom, three-bath home emphasizes the open-floorplan approach with 18-foot vaulted ceilings in the living room before giving way to the updated kitchen.

Speaking of, the kitchen looks a little off-kilter with those cabinets on the side that hold the microwave. Putting an island in the middle with the table and chairs off to the side might have been a better fit.

Fans of subway tile will love the abundance of this material found not only in the kitchen but also in both full bathrooms.

With some chairs, the covered porch would be all charm and a great place to relax and catch up with neighbors.

Thanks to its new sod, the fenced-in backyard provides a pretty backdrop for outdoor entertaining, although that new deck could probably be a bit bigger.

With 1,600 square feet, the home is certainly livable but overly spacious, so perhaps the asking price of $599,000 is attributed to its location near Cabbagetown Park, Krog Street Market, and Carroll Street restaurants.

Although the price isn’t unheard of in Reynoldstown, it certainly stretches the limit for a house with less than 2,000 square feet. Stay tuned to see if that changes.