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South of downtown, contemporary Mechanicsville townhouse targets $295K

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Four-story dwelling includes a rooftop terrace for a relatively inexpensive asking price

A photo of the interior of a Mechanicsville Atlanta townhouse for sale right now.
The clean-lined living room.
Solid Source Realty

Built in 2006, this four-story Mechanicsville townhouse joins a row of similarly styled, hilltop dwellings positioned to capitalize on downtown Atlanta views and highway proximity.

And now it’s that rare, non-condo intown listing available for less than $300,000.

In the shadow of The Connector, a few blocks southwest of what was Turner Field, this Ormond Street contemporary is crowned by a large rooftop terrace with skyline views that, as is, could use a few livability enhancements.

But it’s another outdoor lounging option (of at least three) for a listing that packs a lot of perks for $294,900.

Other highlights include a generally sleek modern vibe, two-car garage, and the floating stairs, a stylish tactic that invites natural light deeper into the home.

Pertinent numbers: two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, 1,424 square feet. The price breaks down to $207 per square foot, which isn’t exactly common for multistory properties anymore.

“Don’t wait for the weekend,” warns the listing agent, “see it today before it’s gone!”

Is the pressure justified for a sub-$300,000 property in a neighborhood with fairly similar, slightly pricier but larger offerings on tap? Time will tell.