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Atlanta Beltline Center set to open along Eastside Trail this month

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Beltline officials encourage Atlantans to take a load off and learn about the transit pathway project at this trailside visitors center

A photo looking down the Eastside Beltline trail, with the Stove Works office complex on the left and construction on the right.
The Beltline’s new visitors center will open soon at the Stove Works office complex, left, on the Eastside Trail.
Sean Keenan, Curbed Atlanta

Pedestrians and cyclists looking to hop off the Beltline for a quick breather will soon have a venue for doing just that—and one that doesn’t require the purchase of a $14 burger.

Enter the Atlanta Beltline Center, opening April 28 at the Stove Works office complex on the Eastside Beltline Trail, a stone’s throw from Krog Street Market.

Since 2016, the Atlanta Beltline Partnership has claimed the office space as its headquarters, but the organization will soon open its doors to the public. Plans call for a space to rest “and immerse yourself in the project that’s transforming our city like no project has before,” according to recent ABP communications.

Funded by private investments, such as gifts from the James M. Cox Foundation and Ponce City Market, the Beltline Center will be a place where even the most seasoned trail-users can learn a thing or two about the trails’ past, present, and future.

“There will be maps and other visuals, but much, much more,” ABP spokesman John Becker tells Curbed Atlanta. “The Center will be a place where people can learn about all aspects of the Atlanta Beltline project—as well as the Atlanta Beltline Partnership’s mission—through exhibits, interactive displays, and programming that highlight the project’s history, scope, and impact.”

Visitors will be instructed on ways to better connect with the Beltline, via free fitness classes, road races, volunteer clean-up events, or bus, bike, and walking tours, Becker said.

The center will also sell Beltline merch, for anyone who wants to sport a T-shirt reppin’ the project.