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Sprightly cottage in Mozley Park nabs quick offer at $320K

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Close to the Beltline’s Westside Trail, a 1935 reno charms with a cute front porch, private backyard, and plenty of curb appeal 

Cottage with white and blue walls and a yellow front door.
Renovations are heating up in Mozley Park.
RE/MAX Prestige

Joining the ranks of similar renovations in Mozley Park, this 1935 cottage wasted no time on the market, quickly scoring a contract for what could be $300,000 or more, provided the offer honors the asking price of $319,900.

In fact, the listing accomplished something other nearby renovations haven’t quite managed: receiving an offer in short order.

Another renovation right down the street asking $309,500 for just 1,200 square feet is closing in on a month on the market; meanwhile, a second offering three blocks over, asking $300,000 for 1,160 square feet, has hit the 15-day mark.

Not exactly eternity, but still.

So what sets this 1,700-square-foot home apart from the others? It’s hard to say.

The three-bedroom, three-bathroom house contains hardwoods throughout, with a “unique 3-D wall” in the guest bathroom (why?) and the requisite sliding barn door (thankfully leading into what appears to be the laundry room instead of a bathroom).

Outside, the “inviting” front porch and fenced-in backyard are great spots for enjoying Atlanta’s warmer weather, although that new deck could be larger, right?

The home’s location could be another factor in the quick offer, given it’s right across the street from Mozley Park and a feeder trail to the Beltline’s Westside Trail. Being minutes from Mercedes-Benz Stadium can’t hurt, either.

While the asking price certainly is beyond the upper range for this neighborhood, which is commonly just less than $200,000, it seems to be the benchmark for new renovations in the area.

As such, logic says prices could continue to rise as these homes start to sell.