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For $350K, loft in 1880s West Midtown building isn’t lacking color, quirkiness

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Lively Means Street unit boasts a porch like a loading dock, barn doors made from Thai fishing boats

A west Midtown Atlanta loft for sale right now that’s so so quirky.
Not a dull moment in here.
Keller Williams Community

Just west of Georgia Tech, behind whimsical steel gates, this quirky-cool unit at Allied Factory Lofts is unlike anything to blip the listings radar in recent memory.

It’s part of an 1886 industrial complex in Atlanta’s Means Street Historic District, which brims with authentic, converted warehouse buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The listing’s claim that “you will find nothing like it” is all but verified by a combination of barn doors fashioned from Thai fishing boats, a private porch and back deck like a loading dock, and access to a mulched dog run and composting area.

Plus, up top, find a communal rooftop deck that’s functional and mercifully shaded.

The numbers: one bedroom, one bathroom, and an even 1,000 square feet for another tidy figure, $350,000.

Inside, as is, industrial ceiling trusses help to balance the pervasive whimsy, which includes a chameleon crafted into floor tiles. The kitchen is updated and large, and an ancillary space, per the listing, could be modified into a second bedroom or office.

The uniqueness won’t be for everyone, but it could speak to an adventurous Atlanta soul.

Larger, more sleekly appointed options in the same building remain available, too, for closer to the half-million mark.

The building offers just 10 total units, and three of them are up for grabs.