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On which spring month to list Atlanta homes, studies vary

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But listing on a Friday or Saturday seems to be a smart bet

A home listed for sale somewhere in Atlanta.
Today could be the day!

Everyone knows the best time to put a house on the market is during the warmer months, but new research pinpoints May as the prime time to list in Atlanta.

Contrary to a 2017 study by Zillow—which insisted the best time of the year to list an Atlanta property just passed: April 1 through 15—HomeLight research shows putting a property up for sale in May could mean more money in sellers’ pockets.

“It generally takes about three months to close on your home, so we estimate that if you list your Atlanta home in May, you could sell your house for 6.82 percent more than the yearly average,” HomeLight reported.

It looks like May is the best time to sell if a solid return is the top priority.

For Atlantans looking to unload property quickly, however, April might just be the perfect month, according to HomeLight: “We estimate that if you list your Atlanta home in April you could sell your house 7.6 days sooner than if you listed in any other month.”

People looking to sell fast might want to aim for April.

Nationwide, the choicest time to start selling a home is between May 1 and 15, according to Zillow’s 2017 numbers. People who list then tend to sell about nine days faster and for almost 1 percent more than the typical seller.

Zillow’s study also suggests it’s ideal to put up the “for sale” sign on a Friday or Saturday.

“Listings that appear on Zillow on Saturday earn an average of 20 percent more views in the first week on market than early-in-the-week listings,” according to Zillow. “Similarly, Friday listings on Zillow earn 14 percent more views than those published on Monday.”

In Atlanta, sellers who list during that early- to mid-April window can expect nearly 1.5 percent sales premium (an average of $2,200), per Zillow.

For further reading, check out Knock’s county-by-county 2017 breakdown of the best and worst seasons to list a metro Atlanta home. Spoiler alert: Knock claims summer trumps spring as the best listing period for metro Atlanta sellers.