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Atlanta ranks among cheapest major cities for parking

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Motorists, be grateful you don’t live in New York

A photo of an ugly parking garage in downtown Atlanta.
An egregious example of stacked downtown parking.
Curbed Atlanta

For better or worse, Atlanta is a pretty darn cheap place to park, at least relative to other major cities, according to a new study by Parkopedia.

In a city with nine parking spots for every car, this news probably comes as little surprise to motorists and urbanists.

But, at the very least, the Parkopedia statistics, which contrast price points from 40 major metropolises’ downtown regions, might help Atlanta drivers feel warm and fuzzy as they neglect the city’s public transit systems.

Atlanta is tied with vastly smaller Richmond, Virginia for third place in the “cheapest monthly parking contest.”

Weighing in with an average of just $105 per month, Atlanta is trumped only by Kansas City and Louisville (tied for second at $95 a month), and St. Louis, which leads the pack at $85.

Curbed Atlanta

Compare that to the $616 parking bill that New York City-slickers pay on average.

(Monthly reserved parking—one’s own guaranteed spot—was a tad pricier in all states observed.)

On the daily parking fee front, Atlanta sits pretty around fourth place—fifth place if you consider the two-quarter difference between Louisville and Columbus’s $10 and Cleveland’s $10.50.

Our city (or its parking companies and gypsies), tied again with Richmond, claims an average of $14 dollars per day from parkers. New York City hangs its head again with a $42.25 mean daily charge.

Hourly, Atlanta parking agencies take an average of $6. Richmond beat us there with $4, as did St. Louis with $2 an hour.

But where’s the study on the nation’s priciest parking violation fees or most predatory parking enforcement agency?