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In heart of East Atlanta Village, old building has scored a new brewery

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Fresh concept Sabbath Brewing plans to replace the shuttered EAV Barbell Club this year

A photo of the inside of an empty building previously inhabited by a weight-lifting gym whose logo is still painted on the wall.
Sabbath Brewing is settling into its new digs and expects to open before November.
Sabbath Brewing Facebook page

East Atlanta Village's recently closed Barbell Club will soon be replaced by the city’s newest suds factory, Sabbath Brewing.

An idea draughted (sorry) by an anonymous brewer (for now) from another local beer maker, Sabbath is expected to open its doors before Halloween, according to What Now Atlanta.

Before the Barbell Club, biker co-op Brother Moto used the old space on Flat Shoals Avenue.

After a brief fight to maintain the EAV business, the motorcycle collective relocated to Cabbagetown in 2016, making room for the bodybuilders.

The forthcoming brewery building (painted white) as seen last year.
Google Maps

”[Sabbath Brewing] will be an open floorplan with the full brewing system on display,” the secretive owner told What Now Atlanta. (He or she is flying under the radar until an opportunity presents itself to ditch their current employer and start anew).

Once open, the facility will distribute artisan beers, and later plans call for a coffee and espresso bar, too.

Prior to its more recent uses, the single-story brick structure once served as a welder’s shop, per the website.

The brewery could see an influx of new EAV neighbors soon, as nearly 40 townhomes are planned or under construction in two projects around the corner.