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Atlanta Hawks tease $192M renovation with dazzling sales center

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“It feels more like a Disney ride than a sales center,” says Hawks’s COO

A rendering of the to-be primped concourse decked out with spiffy-looking concessions and packed with Hawks fans.
Nearly $200 million will be spent to renovate the 19-year-old sports and concert venue.

A high-tech “sales center experience” is opening this week to tease the major overhaul underway at Philips Arena.

And while that might sound like a bore, especially to non-sports fanatics, the marketing extravaganza seems like it could actually be pretty fascinating.

The Hawks, finishing up a bummer of a season—with less than half as many wins as losses—partnered with Seattle-based design firm Hornall Anderson on the project to sell tickets and suite seats. The result? “The Preview” offers a unique, interactive, and seemingly fun look at the $192 million overhaul the arena’s undergoing.

“It feels more like a Disney ride than a sales center,” said Thad Sheely, Atlanta Hawks chief operating officer, in a statement.

The new sales center will take prospective suite and season-ticket buyers on a tour catered to each visitor’s interests.

“Designed to build anticipation and reward curiosity, the sales center puts visitors in control of their experience, while empowering the Hawks’s salespeople with the tools needed to be responsive to their guests,” according to the statement.

Keeping in line with the goal to transform the Philips Arena area into an entertainment hub “where the lights never go out,” the Hawks and its design partners want visitors of the sales center to feel like they’re living a night on the town.

“The Preview experience flows like an unforgettable night out, beginning in an inviting ‘green room’-like welcome area with a club lounge feel and curated wall full of iconic sports and music memorabilia to spark interest and conversation,” the statement said.

From there, people will be guided through exhibits simulating the attractions to come, such as teasers of Killer Mike’s upcoming barbershop and Zac Brown’s new restaurant, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Philips Arena will shut its doors to the public on April 22 as it kicks off the third phase of the renovation project. The renovations began last summer, with the demolition of suites built before the venue’s 1999 opening and the construction a court-side club replacing them.

The arena is expected to reopen this fall.

In the meantime, this Dominque Wilkins of sales centers is located at CNN Center, available by appointment.

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