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Photos: The Fox Theatre’s swanky ‘Marquee Club’ is unveiled

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The $10 million private club will boast five bars and perks for members, plus rooftop access for the first time in decades

A photo of the patio view from the Marquee Club.
The rooftop terrace offers a view of Midtown's Peachtree Street.
Sean Keenan, Curbed Atlanta

On Wednesday, Atlanta’s fabled Fox Theatre unveiled its swanky new venue, the Marquee Club, during a private party.

Replacing a jazz club that closed in 2016, the $10 million project on Midtown’s Peachtree Street offers some 10,000 square feet of lounge space to club members and the Fox’s ticket-buyers.

The new Moroccan-style digs, designed by architecture firm Lord Aeck Sargent, offer five full-service bars, rooftop patio space, and handmade furniture from wall to wall.

The renovation is the most extreme change the Fox has seen since it opened in 1929.

The Marquee Club will be open only during theater events, and members will be able to order drinks to be ready during a show’s intermission. (An individual membership will run you $2,500, and corporate accounts cost $10,000, although one-time admissions will be available during some events).

Food will be free for club members, but the liquor will cost ’em. And Marquee members will enjoy other perks, such as advanced notice when tickets go on sale.

The club will officially open May 17, although the first time the Marquee will welcome non-members will be May 19, during a Chris Thile show.

Have a look around:

A photo of new Marquee signage.
New signage adorns the Fox’s chambers.
Photos: Sean Keenan, Curbed Atlanta
A photo of the ground-level lounge.
Patrons shmooze around the new digs.
A photo of the new ground floor bar.
A ground-floor bar welcomed its first patrons.
Sean Keenan
A photo of a handmade leather couch.
The furniture is all handmade, officials said.
Sean Keenan
A photo of a velvet staircase that leads to another lounge on the second floor.
A velvet staircase leads to another lounge on the second floor.
Sean Keenan
A photo of a gold elevator.
Or, you could take this gorgeous elevator.
Sean Keenan
A photo of the second-level lounge.
And here we are, at the second-level lounge of the Marquee.
Sean Keenan
A photo of a staircase.
Continuing the gilded theme, this opulent staircase will bring you from the ground floor to the rooftop lounge.
Sean Keenan
A close-up photo of the staircase detail.
The club has been designed based on Moroccan themes.
Sean Keenan

Fox officials said they believe the rooftop hasn’t been used since the ’50s or ’60s. Now it’ll host two outdoor bars.

A photo of the upstairs bar.
One of two rooftop bars will serve Marquee members and other guests.
Sean Keenan
A photo of the bar’s face design.
A close-up of the design on the side of the bar.
Sean Keenan
A photo of the rooftop lounge.
The rooftop terrace overlooks Peachtree Street (to the right).
Sean Keenan
A photo of the upstairs outdoor lounge.
The Marquee Club offers ample space to bask in the cityscape.
Sean Keenan
A photo of yet another patio.
The Marquee Club offers a covered, outdoor patio with bar access.
Sean Keenan
Another shot of the uppermost patio space
The uppermost patio space also comes with easy bar accessibility.
Sean Keenan
A photo of a crowded club.
Just before the champagne toast, the main-floor lounge became crowded.
Sean Keenan
A photo of the front glass of the Marquee Club
There was even a live band.
Sean Keenan