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Fun little 1920s bungalow in Adair Park seeks $325,000

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Joining a groundswell of renovations in the area, this compact house is blocks from the Beltline’s Westside Trail

Blue house with covered front porch.
A pop of blue on a corner lot.
PalmerHouse Properties

As the Westside and southwestern neighborhoods of Atlanta continue to explode with renovations, this fun little house in Adair Park is yet another addition for the new normal of $300,000.

Although the listing describes the home as a “classic 1920s bungalow,” the exterior is very reminiscent of a shotgun-style house, with an interior described as “a spacious open floorplan.”

Well, yes and no.

The “gallery” hallway runs along the right side of the 1,400-square-foot house from the quaint front porch to the back door, which opens up to the driveway.

The front door unveils the kitchen and living room, with two of the three bedrooms down the hall. Thankfully, those sliding doors in the hallway open up to the laundry room rather than a bedroom.

The “huge bed/bonus room” upstairs could present a challenge when placing furniture, thanks to all the angles, the ceiling beams, and, of course, those stairway railings.

Located one block from Adair Park II and approximately three blocks from Westside Trail, the property is in a great spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

However, the neighbors—or should it be “businesses”—across the street, along with the railroad and MARTA tracks, could be quite disruptive to a quiet evening on the porch.

Regardless, the current asking price of $325,000 is in line with other renovations in the area, even though the quality may not measure up, in some respects, to its fellow properties.

That could hinder offers for the full ask, but it won’t be a surprise if it sells in the $300K range.