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What a million-dollar Midtown bungalow looks like these days

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1920s offering near Piedmont Park is chockfull of classic Atlanta style—for a price

A photo of The sort of front porch that’s never met a stranger.
The sort of front porch that’s never met a stranger.
Keller Williams Realty

Remember the days when Atlanta homebuyers with budgets in the realm of $1 million basically had their pick of properties outside of Buckhead and maybe Ansley Park? Seems like eons ago.

That’s not to say a million big ones doesn’t still land an impressive residence in some of the city’s most desirable—and walkable—locales.

Take this 1920s Midtown bungalow, which was expanded in 2009 to offer a sizable 3,162 square feet, but the alterations didn’t erase the quintessential charm of the era so many Atlanta buyers covet. (Note the stone porch, original crown molding and hardwoods, and bountiful window seats).

Hardly a mansion, the four-bedroom listed last week at $950,000, joining about a half-dozen Midtown houses asking north of $900,000 at the moment.

The location a couple of blocks south of Piedmont Park—on the Midtown smorgasbord of residential architecture that is Vedado Way—affords the address a sterling 88 WalkScore. Which helps atone for the lack of garage, though there’s adequate off-street space for two vehicles in the driveway, per the listing.

With two ceiling fans, an outdoor living room, and classic swing, front porches don’t get much more functionally comfortable that this, in a come-sit-a-spell way.

It’s unlikely anybody would classify any of the three full bathrooms as cutting-edge, but in a way that fits the context.

And while the shaded back deck is nice, nobody’s getting lost in the patch of land that is the backyard, though that’s not always a drawback.

Consider that the house once sold in the 1980s for just $40,000, back when Midtown was different. Adjusted for inflation, that’s dirt cheap.

It last moved in the $740,000s, back in 2014, per property records.