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1920s Cabbagetown renovation is a stone-cold charmer for $600K

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But will Atlantans cough up that type of cash for a home with two bedrooms?

A photo of The fresh face of 136 Estoria Street at dawn.
The fresh face of 136 Estoria Street at dawn.
PalmerHouse Properties

Maybe a dozen doors down from Cabbagetown’s fresh Beltline stretch, this 1920s bungalow has a new lease on life, stemming from a lushly landscaped front yard and carrying to the back door.

It’ll please homebuyers in the market for walkability with their smart bungalow renovations, but could the $599,900 asking price be pushing the limits of what Atlantans will fork over for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom abode?

The charms begin with the home’s elevated presence on Estoria Street, coined by the listing as one of Cabbagetown’s “most desired.”

How blemishes were embraced here.

The dual-fan front porch leads to a sharply staged interior, where the past was embraced and melded with what’s new. Find a nifty, space-saving, T-shaped kitchen island of marble, and a two-faced fireplace with decorative tile that may or may not be functional.

Bedrooms, while smallish, are punctuated with fun chandeliers, and the marble appears to have extended to bathrooms, too.

The square footage isn’t specified, which is never a red flag at all. The lack of space for a dining room table—arguably not needed—is another indication this reno project isn’t exactly awash in extra room.

Bonus points for the backyard with a glowingly healthy lawn, though judging by the steps off one bedroom and the laundry, there may be no deck back there.

Private, alleyway parking—an off-street luxury in C-town—does exist around back, though, beyond the not-new gate, per the listing.

Overall, this could prove a viable alternative to condo hunters in, say, Old Fourth Ward or Midtown who don’t mind a little yard work—and who prefer their century-old walls to themselves.

The home’s condition when it sold for $350,000 in November.
PalmerHouse Properties