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First look: Sweet Auburn co-working space ‘Constellations’ debuts in historic setting

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Above Auburn Avenue’s Apex Museum, the office space fills the old digs of the Southern Education Foundation

A photo of the Auburn Avenue building that Constellations will inhabit.
Come late May, Constellations will occupy nearly 10,000 square feet of this historic Sweet Auburn structure.
Luke Beard, Exposure

Developer Gene Kansas’s co-working compound, “Constellations,” is just weeks away from its grand opening in Atlanta’s historic Sweet Auburn district—although it’s technically already open.

Stationed on the second floor of a century-old building on Auburn Avenue—above the APEX Museum, which highlights the history of black culture—Constellations offers nearly 10,000 square feet of offices and study space.

Slated for a May 31 opening extravaganza, Constellations replaced the now-downtown Southern Education Foundation with, among other tenants, two new “Residency Program Offices” for Georgia State University and Georgia Tech.

Additionally, Kansas’s project grants office space to local nonprofits, and can accomodate up to 25 community organizations.

The space has now filled 85 percent of its tenant capacity, and, as of an April press release, most of the occupants were female-led companies and organizations.

A photo of the interior of Constellations.
Constellations will offer communal space for co-working.
Luke Beard, Exposure

Constellations, which has been billed as “a civic, social, and business galaxy,” also boasts its own library, coffee shop, and podcast recording studio, among other tenants secured by the developer.

Those include:

This story has been updated to clarify that, although the grand opening ceremony is scheduled for May 31, Constellations is currently open. It has also been amended to say SEF had relocated to downtown.

A photo of a bookshelf at Constellations.
Constellations will house study spaces, offices, and a library.
Luke Beard, Exposure
A photo of the outside of a conference room.
A private room that will be used to record podcasts at Constellations.
Luke Beard, Exposure
A photo of developer Gene Kansas in front of a ‘Constellations’ sign.
Developer Gene Kansas grins in front of his creation.
Luke Beard, Exposure