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Atlanta’s first dog-park-restaurant-bar concept, Fetch, could open this week in Old Fourth Ward

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It won’t have food or liquor just yet, but West Midtown’s Firelight Coffee will be brewin’ there

A photo of a dog sitting alone in the soon-to-open park.
Imagine this lawn with a heckuva lot more pups.

Atlanta’s first dog-park-restaurant-bar hybrid could open its doors later this week, assuming the city’s health department gives the go-ahead on Tuesday.

The new concept, “Fetch”—developed and slated for a debut in Old Fourth Ward—was expected to open before Halloween last year. Rezoning began in November 2016.

On Daniel Street near the intersection of Boulevard and Edgewood Avenue, Fetch will eventually offer a place for four-legged Atlantans to romp around, while their human companions sip booze and coffee—or perhaps a mix.

A photo of the Airstream trailer-turned-bar.
One day, you’ll be able to sip cocktails with your Cockapoo.

Fetch is still waiting for its liquor and food service licenses, although this week’s tentative unveiling is expected to bring the dog-park-coffee bar idea to life, according to owner Stephen Ochs.

“If we get health department approval on Tuesday, we’ll at least be able to open as a coffee bar [this] week, and we’ve partnered with [West Midtown’s] Firelight Coffee,” Ochs told Curbed Atlanta.

The soon-to-open attraction will eventually feature an Airstream trailer with a full bar and TVs, and its Fetch Ice House “will house a restaurant and bar in an open-air, rustic setting with plenty of outdoor seating,” according to a press release.

A photo of the spacious lawn.
Fetch will offer plenty of room for, well, playing fetch.

The liquor license, Ochs said, could be just a couple weeks away.

Fetch also recently partnered with dating app Bumble and will host singles nights on the first Wednesday of every month.

A rendering of the dog-park restaurant. Fetch

This article’s headline has been amended to clarify that Fetch will be Atlanta’s first “dog-park-restaurant-bar,” not its first dog-friendly restaurant.