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A stroll through Lake Lanier's new Margaritaville in 55 photos

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Developers are morphing the Hall County resort and water park complex into an adult-friendly hangout

a photo of the entrance sign
A new sign greets Lake Lanier patrons in Buford. And does anyone need a summer job?
Photos: Sean Keenan, Curbed Atlanta

The first phase of Lake Lanier Islands‘ massive overhaul is complete, and its delightfully gimmicky, Jimmy Buffett-inspired rebrand has boosted the resort and water park compound from a kiddie playground into an alcohol-fueled summertime wonderland for parents and young adults.

Youngins are still liable to have a ball at the park—most of the former park’s rides are still running—but the new Margaritaville at Lanier Islands, a 1,500-acre makeover of the theme park-centered complex, has welcomed a fresh roster of adult-friendly attractions to Buford’s aging hotspot.

The updated park opened on Mothers Day 2018, and there’s much more planned for the coming phases, including a new hotel and golf course. Plus, let’s not forget about the tram that’s slated to cart patrons—drunk or otherwise—to and from the local lodging options.

A partnership between Margaritaville Holdings and Safe Harbor Development is leading the venture, which could pan out into the creation of the largest-ever Margaritaville destination.

On Wednesday, Curbed Atlanta took a guided tour of the renovated complex, led by Safe Harbor Chief Operations Office John Lush. He showed us around the new restaurant concepts, water slides, party yachts, and relics of the Lanier Islands that metro Atlanta millennials haunted in years past.