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These are Tinder’s most right-swiped neighborhoods in Atlanta

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The city’s intown core is apparently a hotbed of attractive online profiles

A photo of the St. Charles apartments in Virginia-Highland Atlanta.
Va-Hi: where love (or adroit self-promotion) is in the air.
Curbed Atlanta

Across Atlanta’s dating landscape, singles living in verdant Virginia-Highland have the most success in finding potential mates not by barroom compliments but via glossy, sanitized online profiles of themselves.

That’s the verdict of Tinder, billed as the “most popular dating app for single millennials,” which gauged the most right-swiped neighborhoods in eight major U.S. cities, from Boston to San Francisco. (Translation for Gen X and elder non-users: right-swiping means app users are at least mildly interested in other users).

Atlanta’s list includes few surprises, as most are the city’s most stylish, monied places to live and self-promote.

If there’s an outlier in Tinder’s rankings, it could be south-of-Interstate-20 East Atlanta, where singles are routinely found wearing both Lacoste and dog collars. Unlike, say, Brookhaven.

Here’s Atlanta’s top nabes for Tinder success, per Tinder:

1. Virginia Highlands (sic)

2. Old Fourth Ward

3. Midtown

4. Buckhead

5. West Side (a large swath west of Midtown, that is, to include places such as Home Park)

6. Brookhaven

7. Inman Park

8. East Atlanta

Heatmap image courtesy of Tinder

What’s the methodology, you ask? Tinder determined neighborhood boundaries, and the rate of right swipes was compared against overall swipes in each area throughout April this year.

Nationally, Va-Hi joined other well-known, relatively attractive No. 1 neighborhoods in Tinder’s countdown. They include Washington DC’s happening Adams Morgan, Boston’s South End, Chicago’s Lincoln Park, and West Hollywood.