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Decades-old Dominos firmly erased on busy Midtown corner

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Developer files for foundation permits as the last remnants of a low-rise, nondescript pizza place are wiped away

For the moment, this prominent corner is just an (almost) empty lot.
Josh Green, Curbed Atlanta

After decades of making and delivering pizzas from the bustling Midtown intersection of Spring and 10th streets, Dominos is all but a memory.

This longstanding but dinky (i.e. why waste a key site like this on a tiny fast food franchise?) building has served area customers for more than 20 years, and certainly will leave a void for many pizza fans in the community.

But its demise is also a sign of a new, denser Atlanta of the future.

In Dominos’s place will stand the latest in a wave of student-focused projects on that Midtown flank, The Mark, a 28-story apartment tower with accommodations for as many as 780 college kids.

A joint development between Landmark Properties and CityLife Development Partners, The Mark should soon start to take shape, given that Landmark Properties filed for foundation permits from the City of Atlanta in May.

“We are close to completing demolition at the site, and we remain on target for the August 2020 delivery,” a spokesman for Landmark Properties told Curbed Atlanta on Thursday.

The former use.

When completed, the Mark will join its sister site, The Standard, which is located six blocks south, and South City Partners’s 120 Piedmont, another student housing tower on the corner of Piedmont and John Wesley Dobbs avenues near Georgia State University. Plus University House and Square on Fifth in Midtown, both finished a couple of years ago.

Sadly or not, those students in The Mark will not be able to enjoy the service of this particular Dominos as many neighbors have.

Like the fallen Checkers with a checkered past that once stood nearby, the wee pizza parlor is merely a memory for Midtown residents now.

The Mark student housing tower represents a massive change.
The Mark