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Moped-sharing company, Muving, has migrated into Atlanta

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Look out, Bird: There’s another (faster) player in town

A screenshot of a cartoon using his phone to sign in to Muving’s app
A sample transaction, in cartoon format.
Muving, via YouTube

Another young emission-free scooter sharing startup has landed in Atlanta, and the vehicles it’s delivered are two-times faster than the ubiquitous Bird scooters.

It also allows Atlanta patrons the option of sitting down while borrowing a ride.

Called Muving, this Europe-based company has seen some success in Spain—more than 6,000 riders have rented its 75 mopeds in Granada—and it’s now expanded operations to make 2,500 electric scooters accessible to more than 185,000 customers in 12 cities, according to a Muving release published on PR Newswire.

This week, Muving deployed its first North American fleet right here in Atlanta.

Muving picked the ATL because the “growing city” is “a leader in smart technology adoption” with citizens “looking for eco-friendly transportation alternatives,” per the release.

Just like the new Bird scooters, Muving’s vehicles are accessed via phone app.

Whereas Bird scooters cost $1 to boot up before each ride and 15 cents per minute thereafter, Muving mopeds cost between 25 and 35 cents per minute—depending on whether you pre-purchase time packages—or 15 cents a minute in standby mode.

Muving’s scooters more closely resemble Vespas than Razor scooters. Muving riders will (ostensibly) be seated, and a small caboose holds helmets that must be worn before taking off.

Muving’s scooters are also a good deal more powerful than Bird’s. While Bird’s product tops out at 15 miles per hour and can run for 15 miles before needing a recharge, Muving scooters can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour and scoot for 45 miles at a time.

The new scooters also “comfortably” seat two people, according to the press release.

Now, let’s see if the city can keep these things off the Beltline. No such luck yet with the Birds.