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1920s Cabbagetown bungalow is ‘truly a piece of history’ at $435K

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But will a $400K+ fixer-upper fly in the neighborhood?

A white bungalow for sale in Cabbagetown right now.
The picket-fence frontage on Gaskill Street.
Chapman Hall Realtors

White-picket fence? Check. Decorative porch detailing? Check. Original shiplap everywhere? Yessir.

This 1920s Cabbagetown bungalow, billed as “truly a piece of history,” should appeal to Atlanta buyers who covet soulful mill-town elements nearly a century old. But its current state, while certainly livable, could deter house-seekers who want more turnkey ease than elbow grease.

Especially those with budgets and timelines that wouldn’t allow for sledgehammer renovations in certain rooms.

Listed last week at $435,000, the three-bedroom property is one of a half-dozen, non-pending C-town houses for sale at the moment. It’s a baseball’s toss from the neighborhood’s namesake park, even for throwers using non-dominant hands.

There’s no shortage of character here, from the friendly front porch to the soaring, heat-lifting ceilings, and at least some beautiful hardwoods retained from the home’s beginnings.

Another huge perk: a private (albeit unpaved) driveway in a part of town known for its squeezed parking situation (and thus, greater walkability).

Encircled by a chainlink fence, the backyard might benefit from some landscaping, but it does count a gate that links to the aforementioned park.

As is, the house has just over 1,500 square feet and a single bathroom, where one could simultaneously brush his teeth and do laundry.

Most Cabbagetown abodes that’ve sold in this price range in recent months had been fully renovated or more up-to-date, though some were significantly smaller. Is the neighborhood ready for a fixer-upper north of $400,000? Time will tell.