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Renderings: Midtown office complex Pershing Point to undergo $10M re-creation

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The eight-story structure is now named after its address, “1375 Peachtree”

a rendering of the renovation plans
More than five decades since it was built, the Midtown structure is primed for an upgrade.
Renderings: CBRE

Plans for new office options in Midtown have been sprouting like weeds, flaunting promises of high-tech amenities and rooftop terraces.

Now, one of the neighborhood’s longstanding, more northernly office buildings has been tagged for an overhaul that will supposedly “transform this asset from a traditional office tower to a premier creative office hub,” according to a press release from the project’s leasing agent CBRE Group.

The Peachtree Street property, built in the 1960s, was bought by real estate firm Dilweg at the beginning of the year. The company wants to primp it now to the tune of $10 million.

The eight-story, 400,000-plus-square-foot office complex once called Pershing Point has been rebranded “1375 Peachtree”—aptly named for its address at 1375 Peachtree Street, which is little more than a block from the Arts Center MARTA station.

The building’s impending makeover is being designed by ASD|SKY, which aims to bring “shared rooftop space” abutting Peachtree Street, more retail options in the lobby, and new meeting facilities, among other amenities, according to the release.

In a move that’s very 2018, the project is also slated to include a new lounge, bike storage, lockers, and showers for its tenants.

Retail will include Anytime Fitness, HUGE Coffee Shop, Jimmy Johns, and Trading Post Sundry Shop, said the release.

The structure is currently inhabited by Kaiser Permanente’s Heathcare IT division, which takes up almost 160,000 square feet, as well as HUGE, an ad firm with 31,000 square feet. Other (mostly) tech-centric tenants fill the space, too.

ASD|SKY is also eyeing the possibility of a “linear park” next to Peachtree Street that would be visible from the proposed conference facilities.

“A sculptural addition to the building entry includes a metal screen element that allows the activity from within the building to engage with the street while simultaneously providing a more intimate gathering space between the lobby and the public realm,” said architect Adam Toal in a prepared statement.

CBRE clocked Atlanta at No. 5 on its Scoring Tech Talent list, a report ranking 50 U.S. and Canadian markets based on their “ability to grow tech talent,” according to the release.

With Georgia Tech less than a mile from the project site, CBRE said, the renovation finds itself near a “tech clustering in Atlanta” that should help keep tech-savvy prospects plentiful.

A view of the building, as of November 2017.
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