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This Whittier Mill Village clinic, reborn as a private house, seeks $499K

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A 1960s industrial exterior gives way to an updated interior that, at times, strives to be sleek and modern 

Brick home with American flag by the door.
A unique WMV home facade that could be virtually anything else, like a school board meeting facility.
Maximum One Community Realtors

Just inside Interstate 285, off Bolton Road and up from Chattahoochee Park, this Whittier Mill Village adaptive-reuse presents quite the domesticated dwelling now.

Long before the conversion, the building opened 1966 as a health clinic to serve the residents of Whittier Cotton Mill and Village, a residential community for mill workers and their families.

It joins other unique commercial properties switched to living quarters (an 1890s general store, now functioning as an airy loft, is another example) in this tight-knit enclave west of Midtown.

It’s not clear when the property made the transition to a private home, but it’s a safe bet that many of the three-bedroom, two-bath home’s current updates are recent.

With 2,662 square feet, the interior sports fresh paint, “newly polished” concrete floors, and a renovated kitchen that is quite, um, shiny. Given the clinical roots here, perhaps that’s fitting.

More interesting features include stained glass windows overlooking the front porch (just above the historical marker on the wall), the interior brick wall in the kitchen, and what looks to be the original fire extinguisher enclave in the hallway.

Behind the house is an extensive fenced-in yard complete with a large patio (covered and uncovered no less), plus a large storage building tucked in the far back corner.

The listing states the home is four blocks from Chattahoochee Park, but fails to acknowledge that one must cross the busy four lanes of Bolton Road to get there.

At the moment, the asking price of $498,700 is the highest ask among available homes in Whittier Mill Village, even those with more square footage.

In addition, many of those properties have languished on the market for more than 30 days. How many days this listing shall remain for sale is unknown, of course, but it’s definitely one to watch.